The end of an Outback Era... Let's celebrate with cake!

There are not many things I love more in life than cake. Sure, I love my parents and I love Friday afternoons and I love watching My Girl when it’s rainy outside, but really, isn’t eating cake with my parents, eating cake on a Friday afternoon or eating cake as Thomas J dies just that bit better? 

I’m not alone. Since the Egyptians celebrated the opening of yet another pyramid with bread-like, honey sweetened treats, cakes have been used to celebrate special occasions worldwide. And I have many reasons to celebrate with this invention of mine, an Apple Choc Fudge Cake. It is the result of multiple stars alining and a symbolism of the past two years. Because, this two year Outback Chapter has now come to an end. This outback dietitian has finally moved back to city life, in search of a new challenge. My mission now is to readjust to difficulties like traffic and luxuries like delis, but for now let’s do like the Ancient Greeks did also, and celebrate with cake. As mentioned, this cake came about through some stars aligning, and they did so in the following:

1. My darling boyfriend has somehow put up with two years of a long distance relationship. And all he requested when bringing me back home was some homemade brownies. Brownies, as any dietitian will tell you, are most definitely a sometimes food, with the butter and sugar and chocolate combining to form delicious, kilojoule laden, magicalness. However, a standard brownie recipe is approximately one third sugar and one quarter fat (much more than the 10% sugar and 10% fat us dietitians say to aim for when choosing foods)

2. During my time in the outback, one of my biggest challenges was teaching healthy cooking to teenagers. On a weekly basis I’d negotiate and beg for just a little of the carrot/ zucchini/ mushrooms to be added to the meat. And every week they begged to make chocolate brownies and I explained that a dietitian could be sacked for allowing such treats to be a part of healthy eating classes

3. Mum would do anything for her baby, even if she was living 1000km away. So when I asked mum to send me up some spelt flour to satisfy my urge to make spelt bread, she obliged immediately. The problem was, the urge passed and the spelt flour sat in my cupboard until moving day

So, here I am in my childhood bedroom in the big smoke, unpacking the valuables that made the outback my home for the past 2 years. And I have a boyfriend who needs a big thanks, dietitian- approved style. I have memories of my last cooking class, when 14 year olds squealed with delight when I gave in and told them we were making brownies. But dietitian friendly brownies. And I have 1kg of spelt flour that I couldn’t bear to throw out on moving day.

That has all accumulated in the invention of my Apple Choc Fudge Cake. Based on the cooking class brownies, it uses cooked apples to replace the need for eggs and butter, and saved us about 9000kJ (an average persons daily requirements) and over 200g of fat. The spelt flour, which is made from a species of wheat (hence still contains gluten), has a slightly lower carbohydrate content and higher protein content than regular flour, plus adds a nuttier, sweeter taste. Though if you’ve already got your PJs on and don’t feel like going down to the shops, there’s no reason you can’t use regular flour. Finally, my boyfriend gets his girl back and something close enough to a brownie. And as I try to get my head around the two years that was, I’m sure a slice of Apple Choc Fudge Cake will help…