Dietitian on a mission?

I do hope that someone is asking the question "what kind of mission could that be?"

Is it one to rid the world of trans fats? Convert the masses to vegetarianism? Put a nationwide ban on soft drinks? Added salt? White bread?

I'll leave all that for my day job

Dietitian on a mission WAs BORN AS the result of a 20-something year old city slicker moving her italian-isied life to the Aussie outback, and the challenge to express her love for all things food and culture. 

I love the fact that food is not only about the nutrients our bodies extract from it, but the traditions, memories, and emotions that people from every inch of the globe associate with food. Across the continents there are countless traditional dishes that have been passed down, evolved or remained untouched for centuries. Yes these differ in flavours and cooking methods, but isn't it remarkable that so many share many similarities, despite being created thousands kilometres and sometimes years apart?

Food. It unities and binds us all. Most likely, more than we realise.

So let this mission uncover new foods, rediscover favourites, think about where they came from, and learn a little about how they nourish bodies across the globe.

Lastly, like any good mission, this one comes with two simple rules; for your sake more than anything: 

Rule 1: I will not pretend to be a guru on any culture other than Italian (and even then, any questions will be forwarded to my two unofficial chef nonnas). I will aim to learn as much as I can from the people I meet, my slightly overwhelming cookbook collection, and of course the trusty internet. 

Rule 2: More of an apology really. Despite red meat being a universal staple, I stopped eating it about 13 years ago. As I won't be able to comment on the taste of red meat containing dishes, you won't be finding any of these in any blog. However, you will find that you CAN make friends with salad, and other delicious non- red meat containing dishes.

So, from the small outback town where I struggled to find the staples I grew up with, to the big smoke of Melbourne and now Sydney where I now have an abundance of foods and cultures on my doorstep, I invite you to come with me as  I  attempt to continue my love to learn, eat, and share.




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